The best Croissant by Juan Manuel Herrera

The Argentinian pastry chef Juan Manuel Herrera gives us the tips for making the best croissant.

In this video you will see how to work with the dough. The correct baking temperature, and the times to care about the dough.

Watch the video and make the perfect croissants.

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We all love to eat, right? But who loves to cook?  If you love to cook, you might love to reveal an exciting cooking recipe from a master chef. 

Today we are going to share the best Croissant recipe with you. The recipe and instructions are exclusively provided by one of the chef Juan Manuel Herrera. If you already know how to bake croissants, this reading can be helpful for you to know more about croissants professionally like the chef. Also, a couple of information about this world-class chefs course will be provided at the end of the article. We hope you will enjoy this reading as well as the delicious recipe too. 

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We hope that you already heard about chef Juan Manuel Herrera. But, In case you miss it, just check the highlights about the Chef.

About the Chef Juan Manuel Herrera

Juan Manuel Herrera received his formal degree from the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy. Then, he began his professional journey with French chocolate and pastry courses at Ecole Lenotre in Paris.

In his long career, he started as a pastry chef at “El Trigal” bakery located at Tierra mayor. Also worked in “Monastrell” in Spain as a pastry chef.

In another life, Herrera is a professor of pastry art at Ott College. He loves to teach with passion at the school of the Chef and the Institute of Hospitality.

As a professional, he provides training on pastry in so many hotels, restaurants, pâtisseries and as well as in cafés. He also helped them to set up their menus.

You also see him on Television. He took part in so many programs like All Dulce, Girls Express and so on. He also worked with Maria Laura D’Aloisio from “Home Bakery and La Pâtisserie” from Utilísima Satelital.

His cooking book with D’Aloisio, as “Bakery here and there” and “Bakery” for Utilísima.

Croissant Recipe

As we mentioned earlier, Juan Manuel Herrera is one of the best chefs and well renowned in the country. 

He is famous for providing training and advising. His passion for pastry and bakery makes him famous all around.

So let’s focus on his instructed recipe-

Ingredients you need to make Croissant

  • 1 KG of flour
  • 120g of sugar
  • 20g of salt
  • 480cc cold water

Follow these 7 steps to start baking croissant: 

Step 1: For Croissant Ecologic flour will be good. Mix water with the flour in a small amount. And make it yeast with it.

Step 2: Now mix the yeast with the butter.

Instruction: For a good croissant dough you have to make “Media Luna” for this you need to keep it in a rest for a night. 

Step 3: Now start to stretch to laminate. Stretch all the sides and cover them.

Step 4: Simply give it two folds. One quarter and up. You will see all the layers of lamination then.

Step 5: Give it a rest for 10 minutes. Then again stretch it and assemble the croissant.

Step 6: After the rest folded croissant dough will be ready. Now cut the croissants of 27 cm high and mark the base of 9. Then cut the croissants.

Note: Remember the Ecologic flour? it gives you the elasticity of the dough. That’s the reason behind using good quality flour for the croissant. 

Step 7: Attach the layers with your fingers. Two hours of fermentation. Oven at 180ºC, 20 minutes, and your croissant will be ready.

Instruction: The important thing about croissants it’s that the centre stays the same as the dough

Hope you love the recipe and give it a try at your home. Remember as a beginner you need to follow instructions from an expert. Professional chefs will be great. Isn’t it?

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