La Tarte aux Pommes by Phillipe Conticinni

An ultra-modern tart in its refined, graphic and natural look. We lay our eyes on it, and we have only one desire: to bite into it with full teeth “it’s not old that one, I made it for the opening of emotional cakes. There is puff pastry, apples and between the two, a kind of cream. It almost gives the impression that the pastry is not cooked, but not. So we have the crunchy pastry, the fondant apples (but which still hold together , it’s important) and, in the middle, this layer that gives a sensation of cream that coats the apples. All this in a very thin pie, it’s superb



Pour Le Feuilletage Inverse (L`avant-Veille)

6g de Sel
10g de sucre
120g d’eau
30g de crème liquide à 30%
300g de farine spéciale
200g de beurre de tourage

Mix water and cream. Add the salt and sugar and dissolve them then incorporate the mixture into the flour. Knead lightly without giving strength to the dough. Make 5 simple rounds with the tourage butter (rest: 6 hours between each round). Roll out the dough to 5mm before trimming

Pour La Compote Pommes Kiwis

250g de Pommes Gala Coupées en des
220g de Kiwis
13g de sucre semoule
30g de jus de citron
1g de fleur de sel
52g d’eau
1g de gousse de vanille
8g de masse gélatine

Mix all the ingredients except the gelatin and allow to simmer over medium heat. When the compote reaches a weight of 300g. mix everything together, incorporating the gelatin. Store cold until use.


Pour Le Montage

12 Pommes Golden
15g de nappage vanille
20g de beurre
30g de cassonade

  • Place 50g of compote on a 16cm diameter pricked puff pastry. Arrange the apples cut into thin slices in the shape of a rosette. Finish by brushing the entire pie with melted butter then sprinkle with brown sugar.

  • Bake at 145C for 1 hour. After cooking and cooling, place the hot vanilla topping on the cooked apples.