“Fraiser” por CÉDRIC GROLET


Taking advantage of the fact that Cedric Grolet’s masterclass is coming, we want to bring you an exclusive recipe from the chef, “The Fraisier”, then we leave you the recipe step by step so that you can enjoy it and make it with all the love in the world as well as the chef made it for us. I hope you like it and if you do, do not hesitate to share it on our instagram with #pastrybcnfan.
Enjoy it.

CÉDRIC GROLET was the Chef Pâtissier at the Hotel Le Meurice in París from 2012, position for which he has obtained various awards and recognitions, such as Best Pastry Chef in the World, in 2018.

The CÉDRIC GROLET style it is characterized by its creativity and its personality; Its desserts, inspired by nature, have made it one of the best in the world and a benchmark in signature pastries.

GROLET it recovers family recipes giving them a personal touch, always with the same main axis: fruit for Le Meurice and flowers for the Opera boutique.

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"The Fraisier"

This recipe is making in diferent steps, for the assembly is all togheter at the end of the this presentation

Step 1

Pate Choux Base
Milk 11g / Butter 25g / Pastry Flour 33g / Egg Yolks 40g
Eggs 45g / Eggs whites 80g / Sugar 56g

Beat the whites until stiff and add the sugar to make the French meringue. To prepare the choux pastry, heat the milk with the butter and, when the mixture reaches temperature, add the flour and mix everything until the dough comes off the edges. Pour the mixture into a bowl lined with greaseproof paper and stir until tempered. Next, gradually add the egg and yolk mixture.


Once the dough is well mixed, stir in the French meringue three times until a uniform consistency is achieved.

Bake at 180 ° C for 25 minutes in a special cake tin (use a 16cm one for 6 servings)

Step 2

Strawberry syrup
Strawberry puree 500g / Sugar50g
Agar-agar 8g / Xantan 3g


Bring the juice to a boil. Add the sugar and agar-agar. Take the mixture off the heat and let it cool. When it has cooled, mix two thirds of the syrup with the mixer until you get a smooth gelatin. Reserve the rest to make small cubes.

Step 3

Candied strawberries
Whole strawberries 300g / Sugar30g

Place the strawberries in a covered baking dish, sprinkle the top with sugar and cover the dish with the lid and plastic wrap.

Cook in a steam oven, or normal, at 100 ° C for approximately 1h 15 min. Save the juice to use in the preparation of the strawberry syrup.

Step 4

Vanilla Ganache Montee
White Chocolate 172g / Gelatina mass 42 g / NCream 775 g / Tahiti Vanilla 20g

Heat the cream and vanilla. Pour the mixture and the chocolate over the gelatin mass. Beat all the ingredients and strain the mixture.

Step 5

Rum pastry cream
Milk 450g / Liquid Ceam 75g / Eggs Yolks 140g / Sugar 125g / Cream Powder 40g/ Butter 50g / Mascarpone 100g / Rum 33g

Heat the milk and mix it with the boiling cream.
Mix the sugar, the powdered cream and the egg yolks. Then pour the milk and cream mixture on top.
Bring to a boil for two minutes and then add the butter, mascarpone and rum.

Step 6

Diplomatic strawberry cream
Vanilla Ganache
800g / Rum Pastry Cream 800g (previous step)/ Rum 108g / Gelatin 140g

Whisk in the vanilla ganache.
Melt the gelatin mass and add it to the pastry cream along with the rum.
Mix until you get a smooth and homogeneous paste. Mix the vanilla ganache and the rum custard.

Step 7


lime peel 1/4 / Whole strawberries for garnish

Once you have the baked choux pastry (step 1) wait for it to cool down and remove it from the mold.

Next, put it in a mold of the same size with acetate paper, special for kitchen, that slightly protrudes around the edges.

Fill with a light layer of strawberry diplomatic cream (step 6), pouring a little more around the edges, and make sure it adheres well to the acetate paper.

Next, place the candied strawberries (step 3) in the center.

Fill the gaps with part of the syrup mixture (step 2) and the gelatin cubes (step 2).

Grate a quarter of a lime zest and sprinkle on top.

Add a second layer of strawberry diplomatic cream (step 6) and smooth to perfect the shape.

Let it rest in the refrigerator for two hours and unmold.

Add strawberry syrup (step 2) and whole strawberries on top.

To finish, draw 5 cm arches around the strawberry cake, with the rum custard (step 5)

and with the help of a 125 mm San Honoré pastry nozzle.