Our story

Twenty years ago I left my country Argentina to live in Barcelona. My two sisters, great queens laughed at me saying that I would definitely return home within a week. As I could not live without my mom’s food. I was then 23 years old and had literally no ideas about cooking. But as my mom was a cook and I processed a very good love for cooking from her.

These days, I not only know how to cook but also bake great desserts. As per judging of my beloved wife and daughter. I must say they are tougher than the Masterchef jury.

The history of PastryBCN is just like that and born from my passion for cooking. My wife doesn’t allow me into the kitchen as I left everything dirty. But I wouldn’t stop cooking at all.

As she loves good coffee, we were in search of a good coffee shop for her. Then we found a pastry shop that was precisely one of the 2011 Pastry World Champions in Barcelona and for the first time, Spain had won it. While we were enjoying the delicacies coffee we saw a TV program out there. There we had the cooking process and the chef’s elaborations.

From that, I began to be so interested in it and started to practice how to make cakes like him. I brought his book, his youtube tutorials and even enrolled on a face to face course of an Italian world Champion. Then I realized that I love pastry and at the same time I like the organization even more (years ago organized a paddle tennis circuit in Barcelona). Then I decided to organize pastry courses for people like me, with the best international pastry chefs in the world.

What We Do

I always love cooking but especially pastry is my thing. I like its molds, shapes and colors and the face of people when they are trying a great dessert. And I am doing these things fairly well even without being a professional. You have to train yourself to learn it. And believe me, If you dedicate yourself professionally I don’t have to tell you everything about it. 

Soon I realized that If I wanted to continue my training with great chefs, I have to travel frequently in search of them. As there are not always good courses with great chefs in your nearby cities. So you have to look for a hotel too. Then the course fee, your food bill and so on. My expenses were skyrocketing and I saw a lot of people facing the same problem as me. Just only for that reason, PastryBCN was created, to bring the best international pastry chefs to your place. So that people can lessen their costs like (course, hotel, tickets, meals) along with the course but still having a face to face training. At the end of the day, you will be surprised to make your desired dessert with your hands.  

  • Dedicated passion to learn
  • Provide a good experience to attendees
  • Organize Course with World’s best Chefs 
  • Attending meeting with the Chefs what they know and what to train


I always try with my heart and soul with every poster I design. And I want to give a good experience of the course how I would like to be treated in any course that I signed up for.